Your Organic and all-natural foods Haven!

Welcome to Planet Ozone, the first “green” commercial building in Martin County, as well as the first “green” gas station in the nation.  Located in Stuart, Florida, Planet Ozone has received many rewards, and have been nominated for the “Keep Martin Beautiful Steward-Ship award” for two years in a row.  Here at Planet Ozone, we offer a variety of all-natural foods that are organic and gluten-free food from around the world, as well as some food from out of this world!  Among these products are our wide range of spices and olives, or even our halal meats which are grass fed and all-natural from New Zealand, Australia and local farms. Now if you are looking for something a bit more local then there are always our organic and all-natural foods and groceries. Our groceries range from organic candies and protein bars, to all-natural foods such as hot sauce and eggs, or even gluten free baking flour!

The Tabuleh Cafe

At Planet Ozone aside from offering healthy groceries, we house the Tabuleh Cafe.  At the Tabuleh Cafe we sell gluten-free desserts and pastries, as well as healthy all-natural sandwiches and entrees. For example, there is our lamb kabob and veggie platter, or even our falafel sandwiches and shawarmas. We also use halal, grass-fed, all natural hormone free meats imported from New Zealand, Australia and local farms in our foods! The Tabuleh Cafe sells vegetarian and vegan foods as well. If you are feeling thirsty, sick, or just in the mood for a refreshing drink, we have fresh squeezed juices made before your eyes available, which are made from fruits and vegetables including wheat grass that you choose! Please visit our Blog for health and nutritional information on our Mediterranean diet and all-natural foods as well for health information and articles. The Tabuleh Cafe truly is a restaurant that offers many healthy products!


Did you know that Planet Ozone is the only gas station in Martin County to offer the revolutionary new E85 gas? E85 is made of 85% ethanol and is better for the environment. The best part about E85 is that we pass the savings on to you so that you (yes, you!) can save about 30 cents per gallon! E85 runs in most modern cars, but for the very few older ones that do not support it there is an add-on available for your car. For those who rather have regular fuel, there is no need to fret because we still offer our regular fuel as always.