All Natural and Organic Foods


The Tabuleh Cafe at Planet Ozone serves foods from around the world, that will blow your mind out of this world. Ranging from our all natural nutritious freshly squeezed juices, to our famous falafel wraps. We have something for everyone in the family. Do you have any special accommodations? Don’t worry whether it be gluten-free bread or organic herbs, we’ve got you covered. So come on over and dine with us, at the Tabuleh cafe.

At the Tabuleh cafe there are many delicious dishes just waiting to be discovered. Among our vast list of dishes are our famous falafel sandwiches, or our lamb, beef or chicken shawarmas. Additionally all of our dishes use halal meats, which are grass fed and all natural.  Now if your in the mood for a sandwich we offer falafel sandwiches, lebnah with zatar or even grilled veggies with hummus. Do you have a party? Come right in because we have over 40 seats available in our cafe. Now if you want to just stay home its absolutely alright, because we offer a catering menu as well!

You in the mood for a surprise? If so we offer a lunch special that we change quite often. Now if your in a mood for something even healthier then there is our delicious salmon or chicken salads with our own all natural in house dressing its gluten free too! Hunger is perfectly natural and thats why we offer our full course entrees ranging from lamb kabobs to chicken fajitas.  All thats food makes you thirsty right? Thats why in addition to Planet Ozones large variety of drinks in our 23 door cooler, we make our own juices freshly squeezed before your eyes . Now that you have read about all of our delicious foods why don’t you come on over and try it yourself?